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34 years old

Engineer Project petrochemicals and gases / Master degree


It is with interest that I want to hold a position in your respectful company.

I beseech you because I believe in your esteemed company, I could exercise all
my studies witch I have learned to take advantage of all that I have learned in the field
industrial chemistry to contribute to the development of your business.

I try to invest in a successful company where my skills would allow me
develop new projects hoping that my training and knowledge you
be useful.

Thank you for the attention you will bring to the consideration of my application and remains your disposal for any further information or interview that you should
offer me.

I would be pleased to meet with you and explain more in detail my skills and
Waiting for an answer from you, please accept, Sir, the assurances of my

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Professional Experiences

Certificated in (Engineer)


From July 2012 Till August 2013
Odessa - Ukraine
  • laboratory of chemicals analyses
  • analyses of chemicals and petroleum products
  • Analyse of Agricultural commodities: grains, pulses, oilseeds, vegetable and animal oils & fats, feedstuffs, fi bres,sugar, coffee, cocoa,fruits & vegetables, frozen products, etc. and fertilizers(dry bulk & liquid)»  
  • Metals and minerals (ferrous, non-ferrous, ore,coal, scrap, etc.)

Engineer petrochemicals, Industrial gases


From February Till June 2012
Odessa - Ukraine

(Station of petroleum refining ,atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation of oil)

  • Various technological processes of oil refining and receipt of various fractions  
  • Exploration and production of oil derivatives
  • Classification of petroleum products and refining processes
  • Control operating oil units 
  • Refining of the various units 

practice at :


From April Till June 2011
Odessa - Ukraine
  • Station Reforming and Cracking catalytic of oil
  • Technical Assistance 
  • Environmental Control of petroleum activities  
  • Optimization of oil production and  industrial facilities

worker training

Air liquide

From July Till September 2009
Nabeul - Tunisia
  • Operating and production of liquefied gas products(O2,N2,C2H2,..)
  • Liquefaction and marketing of natural and petroleum gas
  • Gas Safety Training
  • Recommendations on used gas and equipment
  • Proposals for upgrading your installation
  • Calibration of gas analyzers

Higher technician in engineering chemistry


From March Till June 2009
Tunis - Tunisia
Laboratory of organic synthesis : final project`s study Higher technician in engineering chemistry
  • Organic synthesis of benzene derivatives and industrials gases  
  • Analytical chemistry and spectroscopic analysis of organic substances.
  • Extraction of essential oils and aromatic products
  • Chromatographic and spectroscopic analyses ( HPLC,CCM,IR)
  • Water treatment
  • Organic and pharmaceutical synthesis

Educational Background

Master degree petrochemicals and gases

Polytechnic University

November 2013

Specialized Master (technology of production of hydrocarbons and gasoline by producing synthesis gas, methanol and dimethyl ether from the gaseous waste of oil)
Development of a highly efficient and cost-effective technology for processing industrial by-product gases oil into diesel fuel and high-octane gasoline. Catalytic conversion of gases ( C02 . C0, H2,..) and  gaseous waste of oil to the synthesis of Methanol , dimethyl ether to the production of gasoline Technology processing gaseous waste oil in the synthesis gas (CO + H2) using waste last stages (CO2), Obtaining methanol and diethyl ether to the synthesis gasoline from converting methanne(CH4).


Polytechnic University

July 2012

Polytechnic University of sciences and technologies

Engineering Faculty of chemical technology \ engineer in the petroleum chemistry and organic substances
  • technical project  modernization and installation of station of rectification and
 atmospheric  distillation of oil

Higher Technician in Engineering chemistry


June 2009

Department of Chemistry and  organic substances.

  • Higher Technician in Engineering chemistry    Diploma ( DUT)


(math, physic)

June 2006



AutoCAD  , Coreldrow ,Compass 3D , Chemlab ,ABBT , PanOil / gaz


programming tools



office tools


Microsoft office (word,excel,microsoft acces,Power point,..)

Microsoft windows (exploitation and reparation )



Native language







Personal Interests


communicative  , diligent,creative , responsible, punctual, ambitious, listening skills and communication, attentive, quiet, independent, fast learning all new concepts


internet, software, petroleum & gas, sciences,energy ,diving,

traveling, football, reading , Athletics      

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